Slow application response after upgrade VMware UEM 9.1 to 9.2

The last couple of months I am working intensively with UEM.
I must say that I like the simplicity of the product the most.
The fact that “all” configurations are written in xml files make it easy to export and backup.
We created three environments which makes our life alot easier:

  • Test
  • Acceptation
  • Production

A couple of weeks ago we upgraded the UEM 9.1 environment to 9.2.
We followed the upgrade Documentation and the upgrade went smooth and perfect!
The User Environment Manager is running 9.2 and the Flexengine got replaced by the new 9.2 agent in the WIndows 10 ParentVM.

Note: at this point we got mixed versions in our environment.
Both the UEM Environment Manger and Test environment are running version 9.2. The Production and Acceptation VDI Desktops are running the 9.1 UEM FlexEngine.

So we provisioned our desktops in the Test environment, and the testing begun.
Not long after the testing begun we got the feedback from some users that ther were experiencingslow responses after starting applications. For example the application in the production evironment started in tree seconds and in Test this was almost three minutes… strange…

And the troubleshooting begun, what did I do?

  • Turned on the Debug logging within UEM and analyzed the logging with no outcome
  • The Windows logging does not show any errors or logging at all
  • Also the application didn`t show any errors

But then again, not all applications are suffering the slow responses.
What makes this application diffferent from the “other” applications like Outlook or Word which are starting quick? This application was using Internet Explorer combined with an App-V package. Below an screenshot of how the application works. Internet Explorer starts en connects to an URL followed by opening an App-V package (sorry the screenshot is in Dutch).

So now it was time to bring in the big guns, I created a support call with VMware.
What can I say about the support that I got, it was SUPERB!
With the Horizon View infrastructure we created two pools, one with UEM 9.1 and one with 9.2.
This helped us in the troubleshooting process to sort things out.

After several days of troubleshooting and creating logs, I got called by VMware with the question if I could create an registry setting and test it again. And yes, the application responds as it should be!

So what is this setting?
We created the following folders within the HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\
Immidio and within this folder create the Flex Profiles folder.
In the Flex Profiles folder create an REG_DWORD with the name DirectFlexTimeout1 with an value of 1.

So what does this setting do what solves the slow application response issue.
In the UEM FlexEflexngine 9.2 they added an “delay” of 60 seconds for using App-V applications combined with DirectFlex. By placing the DirectFlexTimeout1 value this “delay” is removed.
VMware support told me that this will be solved in the next release of UEM.

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